Artist Statement

I was born in Detroit, Michigan on October 22nd 1997 and I grew up there as well. I attended Bates Academy, Laurus Academy, East Hills Middle School, Lahser High School and William Amos Hough High School all in Michigan and North Carolina. I was an above average student but especially enjoyed attending art classes through all grades. I was continually on the honor roll my entire academic career until today. I like drawing portraits because I am good in the realistic domain. I enjoy working in the abstract and nonobjective, but prefer realism. I consider myself a two-dimensional artist first, but I am comfortable in the three dimensional domain. I like to work in graphite, markers and colored pencils. I want to become a graphic designer in the future. My degree program is in Fine Art with an emphasis in drawing. I plan to graduate in 2020. After graduation I would like to become a graphic design artist. I have plans for graduate school at this time.
I first started drawing in the second grade and was self-taught. I enjoyed watching and drawing animated programs and gravitated towards those types of early themes. Apparently being an artist or spatial intelligence runs in my family because my mother and uncle are very artistic.   I prefer to work in the mediums of graphite at this time, although I am becoming exposed to an array of different mediums. My preferred medium is a mixture of pen, marker, and colored pencil. I prefer to work in the nonrepresentational domain when creating; working in the abstract does not peak my interest. Art for me is where I feel the most drive, knowing that I can accomplish a certain piece. When I am creating art I like to create that which is beautiful and eye catching through the use of colors. I try to capture the season I’m currently in through the use of the colors that I choose to work with.  I prefer drawing things in their natural setting and to drawing subjects with a bit of style; such as landscapes, animals, and people. Although, I like to work in the abstract or in nonobjective formats. I would like to have my works in established and known museums and galleries in the near future. But once I started taking art classes in high school this opened up my thoughts to another world, and my grades improved accordingly. Fast forward to 2020, now that I am nearing the end of college as I am writing this. 4 years after writing this originally I've noticed my art style has changed dramatically. I focus on digital painting primarily with drawing with dry media being secondary. As of now I still want to be a graphic designer and I am trying to diversify my portfolio accordingly. After graduation in December 2020 I will stay in Jefferson City for an additional year or two. During that year I will aim to look for graphic designer jobs and continue doing my freelance work to increase my portfolio.